Operational Process.

We have spared no expense, and we will provide you with the safest, cleanest, healthiest drinking water quality there is. All our machines are state of the art, and the manufacturing is organized efficiently by our dedicated team of employees and a proper method of inspection at every stage. Below are the processes that we use:

At first, the water is run through a filtration channel of 5 micron size.

Then water goes through sand and carbon filtering, so that there are no pollutants like chlorine and sediments remaining.

Absolute filtration of 1 micron so that we make sure nothing bad remains.

Reverse Osmosis is used to remove any traces of salinity.

Then we add minerals to the water based on a formula for creating the best quality water.

Ozonisation takes place and the water is disinfected of any bacteria.

And finally, we shine ultra-violet rays to ensure ultimate protection.


At first, our team inspects the product for any defects or dirt.

Bottles are loaded into the conveyer belt and blasted with industry approved make sure they’re sanitized.

We use a 12 stage cleaning system to make sure that every parameter is taken care of and the final product is safe.

Then the bottles are filled with the thoroughly cleaned water and capped off.

After the final product has been created there some little things to do:

(a) Adding Production date and Batch Number

(b) 2. Sealing it after carefully checking by an employee.

Packaging and Delivery:

Every day thousands of bottles are created. There are cataloguing, packaging and logistics issues to be done. But luckily, we have a great cast of people working with us to ensure that this operation does not fall through half way.

Our team of managers, on field experts and transportation overseers, will make sure that the products are going to be delivered to the destination on time .We track it from the moment it leaves the factory till it reaches your home.

Customer Service:

Our customer service professionals are the best – they are quick, articulate and friendly. They will entertain all your questions and will give you the best responses 24 X 7.