Great thing people are saying about us.


“Rainbow waters have fulfilled all my expectations, in fact they have exceeded it”

- MuhammadHajib

“Love the water, great product. We have become converts overnight”

- RyanHawkins

“I wanted to ask about the minerals they put inside. They gave me the whole list. Now I feel safer and healthier. Rainbow rocks”

– Susan Cole

“What separates Rainbow from other companies is the consistency in the experience. With every single new purchase, it always retains the same exceptional quality. I’d recommend buying this, it’s a real bargain.”

– Mustapha Ghazi

“The thing is that Rainbow feels different when we drink, we feel good inside. There is something inside it that makes it so good.”

– Adityan Sharma

“Water quality is great; packaging is adequate, overall good product.”

– Jack Harper

“I wanted to ask them about their operations and how they manufacture their water. Normally, I would’ve expected some resistance, cause you know, companies are so like that. But to my surprise, they gave me every single detail about the processes, they were willing to give e information that I’d asked for. Truly, this is a mark of confidence.”

– Abdul Rahman

“We were having a very tough game today, but drinking rainbow water instantly made us feel refreshed and ready to go for more.”

– Morpheus

“Loved how the customer service was so patient with listening to our questions. They were friendly and engaging. Good, keep it up Rainbow.”

– FazilAl Fardan

“Their products are worth the money I’ve given, and I wish them the best”

- George Holden

“The thing which I like about them the most is how the delivery service arrived right on time to bring us the water. They did a very commendable job.”

- Heather Williams

“The moment I tried Rainbow waters from the store, I knew that I’d be hooked for life”

- NajibHabbebullah